Check your students' understanding so you, and they, can adjust learning to ensure success.


Use Edmodo's built in tools and apps or easily integrated third party apps to check your students' understanding.


Built into Edmodo

These Edmodo tools are built into or created by Edmodo


-----This easy to use tool allows you to get answers to questions quickly.
-----Drawback, you do not see who answers, only number of answers vs. number in group. You also cannot respond individually to students.


-----This tool allows you to ask various questions of students.
-----Can be used as a formative or summative quiz
-----Can be used to survey students
-----Plus, you can respond directly to student answers.

Snapshot (Free and fee levels)

-----This built in tool has a free basic level and a paid higher level.
-----Use to assess your students Common Core abilities.


-----Insights is a free individual tool, or a premium school/district level feature that allows you to view large scale Snapshot results.
-----Click here to see more about the premium feature.


-----Teacher-made worksheets to help strengthen Common Core Skills
-----Click here to access OpenMinds info in Edmodo.

Edmodo Apps

These apps are run by other companies/vendors, but are integrated into Edmodo.

Subtext (Fee)

-----iPad only
-----Click here to access the app in the iTunes App Store.

-----Works on any device.
----_$10 fee in Edmodo App Store to sync your Edmodo Groups with Zondle.

Educanon (Free and Fee)

-----Free basic level
----_Email Educanon Support to get specialized fee for Group User rates.

Third Party Apps

Verso (Free and Fee)

-----Works on any device.
-----Here is the link to Verso's Website.
-----Here is the link to Verso in iTunes App Store.


-----Works on any device.
-----Here is the link to Quizlet's Website.
-----Here is the link to Quizlet in the iTunes App Store.


-----Kids love it.
-----Adults love it.
-----Works on any device.
-----Kids love it.
-----You can track scores and participation.
-----Click here to access the site to CREATE or SEARCH for Kahoots.
-----Click here to access Kahoot to play.

Collaborize Classroom

-----Click here to access this free website, it is also available in the Apple App Store

----------Recommended by Ms. Jen Brinson Social Studies Teachers Extraordinaire.

Examview Test Generator

-----Comes with many textbooks.
---------Export html files and embed into Edmodp for online study guides or tests.
---------Also allows for printed tests and easy adaptations for special needs.
-----Does not play well on iOS devices anymore.

*There is a fee to use these apps at a higher level.