Book Studies: Not just for English Class

About this Presentation

This presentation is definitely not an end all be all on how to run a book study; it is an attempt to help you think outside the box and create an interesting project for your students.

I hope to encourage attendees to ask questions and participate in the presentation, to create more odfa discussion than lecture; hopefully I am successful with their help.

Edmodo Group Code

The Edmodo group code will be handed out before the presentation at TRETC 2016 and PETE & C 2017. If you are not in attendance but would like to access the group please feel free to email me at mrdsal [at]

About my Projects

I came across this idea last school year, when I wanted my Honors US History and Government I class to read a work of historical fiction. I believe students should be exposed to the cultural aspects of the various eras we study, not just the basic historical facts of each era.

As I moved up to Honors US History and Government II, along with my students, I needed to come up with a Summer Reading Project for them to work with. All of our honors classes have a summer reading component.


-----The Rationale for these projects can be found here.

During the School Year Projects

-----The process for School year projects can be found here.

-----The project for this upcoming year will be posted here as it evolves from a thought to a reality.

Summer Reading Project

-----Summer Reading is a different beast, check out the process here.

Other Links

The wiki containing my students finished projects over the years can be found here.