Book Studies: Not Just for English Class...The Poster Session


In general, this presentation is to show that any subject teacher can include literature into their curriculum. The process for this is discussed on the pages for my regular presentation which can be found here and is also linked below.


There is nothing wrong with having students create classic projects: wall posters, written papers, dioramas, etc. The issue I have with those types of projects is that hardly anyone ever sees them, at least hardly anyone outside of the school. I believe students should build a responsible and creative digital footprint that allows them to show off what they can accomplish.

Students use technology in creative ways outside of school on their own, but often when we ask them to create a project for class, they respond, "I don't know how to do that." or "That's too hard."

Student Projects

I use a wiki to host or "showcase" all of my student created projects in one place. The wiki allows for a variety of project styles to be posted in an easy to reach area and be grouped any way necessary. The Main Page of the Student Project Wiki can be accessed here.

Tools Used

I came across TES/Blendspace a couple of years ago at a edCamp or conference, I now use that to "group" my projects as needed and then embed the groups into the student project wiki.

The assignments are posted and coordinated through Edmodo, this allows for clear and secure two-way communication and students can easily turn in their assignments.

Many of my students have iPhones, plus we have iPads as my classroom computing platform so we have access to iMovie.

Project Links