It is a question most of us have been asking since we were toddlers. Most humans want to know the reason behind any task, the purpose of any endeavor, the cause of any reaction, so it is only natural to post the rationale here.

I think it is important for students to get a "feel" or a sample of the culture of every era we study. Facts without background do little if anything to help students truly understand history. I play music from as many periods of study as I can, the same goes for video clips of popular movies, theatre shows, etc. I enjoy reading, I hope I can get my students into a positive habit of reading if they already aren't doing so...plus History Books are some of the worst books to read, so I thoroughly despise using them.

The Written Reason:

I did not...well let me step back a second, I do not want this to sound as badly as it probably will...but I will try to not sound awful and petty..."I did not want to read 24 book reports that all said pretty much the same thing." There I said it, with no intent to disparage either my students or book reports.

Also, thanks to Google one can search for all types of high school and college level work, including essay question answers. Let's face it, if we can Google Unit and Lesson Plan ideas, they can Google the answers.

The Multimedia Rationale

I hope to have something posted here soon.

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