Table of Contents

I am working with an English teacher in my building to create a collaborative book study we canco-teach with our Sophomores.

The Book

We are looking into team teaching Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers.

The Prep

First, I need to read the book, but it looks promising and falls into the era that I will be covering in the Spring, Vietnam.

A quick Google search of the book shows a number of online resources, which means we will have to work to make our project unique and not easily Googled for answers, or even just reviewed on the Wiki.

Discussed the book with teachers who have taught the book in the past.

As I have been reading through the book, I use Evernote to collect notes on the book for my self, create questions for students, and highlight interesting or quirky points of the book for later use.

The book has a bit of language, it is not gratuitous, it is realistic. Letter needs sent home since I have 10th graders. We are looking up alternate assignments for any students whose parents object.