As mobile technology becomes more prevalent, people can use their smartphones for more than just texting, phone calls, and playing music. Smartphones are basically mobile computing platforms capable of completing many tasks. I added this page to go along with the listing of resources for iPods and iPads. Just as a note, Applications that run on these devices are shortened to the term, "Apps."

Android Market

The Android market is preloaded on any phone that runs on the Android platform from Google. They are many apps for a multitude of tasks, they range in price from free to many dollars. Price does not necessarily dictate usefulness, while some free apps are scaled down versions of the fee versions, many companies and organizations put fully functional applications out for free.You can access the Android Market here.

The apps are organized by basic usage category, and then listed in alphabetical order.

Basic Apps

These apps are for basic phone upkeep and organization.

Advanced Task Killer
-----This free app shuts down all running apps on a phone, which allows users to conserve battery power.

-----You can access this app on the Android market here.

-----This free app allows you to use your smartphone as an Internet connection via a USB cable. There is an additional free download necessary on your computer to work this app.

-----This app came with my Droid X, but you can download the app for $9.99.

-----You can access this app on their home web site here.

Apps for Learning

All Ages

-----Quick Office

-----You can access this app on the Quick Office site here.

Older Students

Early Learning

Apps for Social Networking




-----You can access this app on the Android market here.



-----This free app allows you to coordinate and connect with several social networking sites at once, such as Twitter and Facebook.

-----You can access this app on the Android market here.

Apps for Health and Fitness

Music Apps

Last FM